A Year of Milestones: FreezeM’s 2023 Recap and Future Aspirations

by | Jan 15, 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023, allow me a moment to reflect on a year filled with accomplishments, growth, and innovation. The entire team achieved remarkable milestones in our growth as a market leader in the insect industry, and I want to take this opportunity to guide you through some of the key highlights that have defined our year.

In a year marked by significant growth in the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) industry, FreezeM has played a pivotal role, setting new standards and contributing to the industry’s advancement. Join me as we explore these milestones and the exciting path ahead for FreezeM within the flourishing landscape of the BSF industry.


1. Expanding Horizons: Launching Production in Europe with Hermetia Collaboration

In a groundbreaking move, FreezeM extended its reach by establishing a collaboration with Hermetia GmbH, one of the pioneers of BSF farming, marking our production launch in Europe. This strategic partnership broadens our geographical footprint and strengthens our commitment to sustainable and efficient Black Soldier Fly breeding practices. We can now support customers throughout Europe at scale from one centralized breeding hub.


2. Product Evolution: Advancements in PauseM®

Driven by customer feedback and a relentless pursuit of excellence, FreezeM continued to enhance PauseM®, our flagship product. This year saw significant improvements in product-market fit, increased compatibility with automation systems, and optimization for large-scale supply operations. These developments underscore our dedication to providing a seamless and efficient outsourcing solution for BSF breeding. During the last year, we have sent PauseM® to various locations worldwide and tested its performance in different production settings – from large-scale centralized operations to pilot facilities or decentralized, modular rearing units. The insights we gained were priceless, demonstrating the superior performance on various feedstocks and growth settings.


3. Genetic Breakthrough: Introducing BSF Titan and GFP-BSF

A momentous achievement for FreezeM in 2023 was the successful generation of the first enhanced BSF genetic line, BSF Titan, as covered in Feed&Additive magazine, leveraging our advanced genetics platform. BSF Titan larvae can reach a 50% higher weight with an improved feed conversion rate (FCR), demonstrating the potential of using targeted genetics to enhance larvae performance. This groundbreaking accomplishment showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in insect breeding. Additionally, FreezeM proudly presents the world’s first GFP-BSF, demonstrating our leadership in genetic research within the insect-based protein production industry.

4. Industry Recognition: Embracing the Decoupled Production Model

FreezeM’s visionary approach to separate reproduction (breeding) and production (rearing and processing) has gained widespread recognition throughout the industry. More players are adopting innovative breeding solutions, including outsourcing and hybrid (combined outsource and in-house breeding) models, positioning FreezeM at the forefront of pioneering practices that redefine the future of BSF breeding. More and more BSF industry newcomers can now see they can enter the field with much lower investment and grow faster by adopting our decoupled model.


5. Team Growth: Welcoming New Talent and Celebrating Company Culture

The FreezeM family welcomed new and extraordinary talent in 2023, further enriching our collective vision and goals. In the face of challenging times, these remarkable individuals have demonstrated tremendous resilience, grit, and a shared determination that unites us as a team. Their strength and commitment have become a beacon of inspiration.
To showcase the vibrant culture that fuels our success, here’s a glimpse of the latest company fun day held in Tel Aviv. Meet the faces behind FreezeM and witness the collaborative spirit that drives our achievements.


6. Continued Innovation: Leading in R&D Excellence

FreezeM remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation through ongoing research and development initiatives. Two notable projects, the BSF-Israel consortium launch and collaboration with the Khalaila lab at  BGN, exemplify our commitment to advancing BSF breeding technologies. As we delve into new frontiers like genetics, FreezeM reaffirms its position as an innovation and R&D excellence leader, as stated by Nature Biotechnology magazine in its coverage of CRISPR advancements and Insect Tech.


Looking Ahead: Building on Momentum in 2023 and Embracing Change

As we step into the future, FreezeM is poised to build on the momentum of 2023. Our focus remains on growth, technological advancement, and staying at the forefront of BSF breeding innovation, making it simple for new players to enter the market. However, the excitement doesn’t stop there. We are working on a complete rebranding in response to our remarkable growth and maturity. It’s time to reflect on our evolution in a fresh, innovative way that truly captures the essence of our journey. Stay tuned as we continue to revolutionize the industry and unveil soon a brand-new identity that mirrors our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

In 2024, we plan to expand our production in Europe and Israel, creating more exciting new technologies and collaborations to enhance insect protein production globally and enable it to fulfill its potential.

Thank you for being an integral part of our story. Here’s to the memories we’ve made, the challenges we’ve overcome, and the exciting journey ahead.

With gratitude,
Yuval Gilad, CEO, FreezeM

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