Breeding As A Service (BaaS)

FreezeM lowers the barriers to entry in the insect farming market and accelerates expansion through its superior Insect Breeding As A Service (BaaS). Our innovative technology and expertise focus on three main pillars, continuously advancing BSF (Black Soldier Fly) reproduction and insect farming.


Our breeding competence enables scalable and efficient neonate production, driven by our innovative entomology team.


Our preservation technologies halt the BSF life cycle at various stages, enabling effective centralized breeding, detached from rearing and processing.


Our groundbreaking genetic engineering platform facilitates the creation of enhanced target BSF lines customized for specific applications, elevating performance and boosting production efficiency.

Breeding Competence

The Entomology team at FreezeM devoted years to researching and developing novel technologies, employing a data-driven approach that significantly enhanced BSF reproduction capabilities. These developments have resulted in a streamlined, fully controlled breeding process. These pioneering methods have undergone rigorous validation and prove indispensable for optimizing breeding processes in insect farming.

Unique Counting and Dosing

Our technology extends beyond precise dosing by integrating Computer Vision analysis for comprehensive quality assurance in every PauseM® unit. Biology and entomology parameters undergo rigorous evaluation to ensure neonates meet stringent fitness standards for life suspension, transportation, and use.

Preservation Technologies

FreezeM’s proprietary preservation technologies temporarily stop the BSF life cycle at various stages, marking the advent of controlled insect farming for the first time.

The capability to freeze BSF embryos for extended periods unlocks new avenues for preserving insect genetic strains and establishing a biodiversity bank. Moreover, the capacity to pause the neonate life cycle for 14 days facilitates the establishment of a breeding hub designed to streamline outsourced breeding. This hub, in turn, caters to diverse rearing and processing needs across various facilities globally.


PauseM® technology effectively halts the development of BSF neonate larvae for up to 14 days from hatching, ‘pausing’ them at a desired stage. This breakthrough capability enables better control over the BSF growth cycle and supports demand-driven production by facilitating neonate stockkeeping and enhancing the standardization of production processes.


FreezeM’s patented BSF egg cryogenic technology, CryogeM, preserves the continuation of BSF genetic lines for extended periods. This pioneering technology allows, for the first time in the history of entomology, the revivable preservation of BSF eggs using ultra-low temperatures. This technology is applied while safeguarding egg viability and genetic integrity, achieved through meticulous egg collection within a framework that protects against cell damage. CryogeM not only ensures prolonged BSF egg viability but also delivers an efficient biodiversity bank and facilitates strain preservation.

Advanced BSF Genetic Platform


FreezeM is developing advanced genetic capabilities to create novel genetic lines of Black Soldier Flies (BSF) with improved features for industrial applications. In pursuit of this goal, we employ state-of-the-art genetic tools and have already achieved world-leading milestones, such as high-resolution genetic mapping of the BSF wild-type strain. Our team has also successfully employed CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing to create custom strains.


The first demonstration of BSF’s genetic engineering capabilities is our BSF-Titan line, which is currently in its final development stages. BSF-Titan aims to enhance BSF size and protein content through CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing methodologies. This line could be obtained through traditional methods, complying with EU regulatory standards. BSF-Titan stands as the only BSF strain showcasing augmented production performance, exhibiting a 50% increase in larvae size compared with the wild type (WT) and significantly improving protein production yield.

International Innovation Projects

FreezeM’s cutting-edge contributions are shaping the future of sustainable agriculture and the BSF industry through strategic collaborations with industry leaders, active participation in prestigious scientific conferences, research grants, and the establishment of groundbreaking paradigms in the realm of insect farming.

EIC Accelerator

FreezeM has been awarded the prestigious EIC accelerator grant from the European Innovation Commission program to further develop its proprietary technological pipeline, advancing the simplified production of BSF-based protein. The European Commission has co-funded various R&D activities to support FreezeM’s readiness for the market and eventual commercialization.

RECIPE Consortium

A Eurostars-funded project aimed to render the production of Black Soldier Fly (BSF) cost-effective as a sustainable protein source for animal feed. The project’s objectives included enhancing efficiency, stabilizing production, and reducing costs, complexity, and risks for both existing and new BSF producers. Named the RECIPE project, it was a collaboration between FreezeM, Buhler, and the Danish Technology Institute (DTI).

FlyScent Consortium

A Eurostars-funded project aimed to optimize and standardize the oviposition (egg-laying) activity of BSF, enhancing breeding stability and scalability. Throughout the process, consortium members FreezeM, the Danish Technological Institute (DTI), and Danish Insect Automation (DIA) developed pioneering formulations for synthetic BSF oviposition attractants, egg traps, and dispersion mechanisms.

BSF-Israel Consortium

Funded by the Israeli Innovation Authority, the BSF-Israel consortium was established to develop advanced technological infrastructure for BSF farming in Israel. This objective is being pursued through multidisciplinary research involving engineers, data scientists, biologists, and entomologists from leading research institutes and industrial companies in the Israeli BSF ecosystem.

BSF-OSDel Genetic Platform

An Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA)-funded project, conducted in collaboration with Dr. Isam Khalaila from Ben Gurion University. Throughout this project, FreezeM and the Khalaila lab developed a technology platform for genetically manipulating hundreds of BSF embryos simultaneously by delivering genetic materials to female oocytes. This groundbreaking technology is poised to expand the biotechnological applications of the Black Soldier Fly.

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