Decoupling Insect Farming

The era of fully integrated BSF farming is evolving, and FreezeM leads the way with a decoupled model to solve today’s challenges. This model separates reproduction from rearing and the protein production process. Based on unique BSF biology and genetic expertise, our decoupling model is tailored for enhanced production efficiency, consistency, and yield growth in insect farming companies.

Three Flexible Breeding Models for Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Farming:

Establishing a breeding unit requires approximately 20% of the overall factory cost and area. In addition, it requires specialized personnel with expertise in biology, entomology, and genetics. Leaving the breeding hassle with FreezeM eliminates the need to develop a reproduction line, hatching, and dosing technologies.

Opt for a hassle-free holistic breeding outsourcing from FreezeM

Reduce Capex and Opex costs and time to market by focusing on rearing and processing.

Surpasse in-house breeding in production yield, quality, consistency, and price.

When taking a hybrid in-house and outsourced reproduction approach, farmers can choose to replace a significant part of their breeding with PauseM® supply to make their in-house breeding processes more efficient and more standardized, ensuring production contingency.

Mitigate risks associated with solely relying on internal breeding

Enhance facility efficiency and ensure production contingency

Increase protein yield and scale readiness

FreezeM provides increased efficiency to farming companies with in-house reproduction operations by supplying their BSF colony with periodic genetic boosts. Such genetic enrichment results in a healthier colony, with improved neonates’ robustness, growth and stability.

Overcome challenges of genetic diversity and in-breeding with periodic genetic boosts from FreezeM

Achieve a healthier colony, improved performance, and enhanced neonate robustness and growth

Easier future transition into FreezeM’s hybrid reproduction model

Tackling the Inconsistency Challenge

Our flagship product, PauseM®, provides live-suspended BSF larvae neonates, halting their life cycle for up to 14 days. Each ready-to-use PauseM® unit contains an accurately synchronized and pre-counted number of neonates, enabling high consistency and reproducibility between trays, leading to a more predictable and optimized utilization of feed inputs and more efficient feed consumption.

Tailored BSF Neonates Supply

FreezeM supports insect farmers of all scales and stages, offering bespoke neonates supply to create significant value. Whether you’re a container-sized operation or planning global expansion, FreezeM has the tailored support you need to thrive in the future of insect farming.
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