Pause. Control. Succeed.

PauseM® represents the paradigm shift in insect protein production. By pausing the growth of BSF neonate larvae for 14 days after hatching, our breakthrough technology delivers ready-to-use larvae stock to any facility worldwide. This stabilization of production processes significantly boosts production capacity and operational efficiency.

The PauseM® Advantage


50,000 or 500,000 suspended BSF neonate units are available. Dosage is tailored to meet our customer’s facility and yield requirements.


All neonates are completely synchronized in terms of growth rate and growth phase.

Accurate Counting

Reduced operational challenges in the rearing stage as a result of customized, precise neonates quantity in every PauseM® unit.

Generalist Larvae

Performs effectively in a variety of feed mixes, allowing for the utilization of different waste streams.

High Survival Rate

More than 90% survival rate from neonate to larva phase post-shipment.

Extended Shelf Life

Up to 14 days from hatching, enabling accurate stock management and demand-driven production.

Simple Storage

Stores at room temperature: 18-22ºC

Delivered to Your Door

International shipping, produced in Europe.

Up to a



higher yield


Accurate capacity and yield planning by customizing paused-neonates counts to production volumes and requirements.


Enhancing consistency at all production stages on an ongoing basis has resulted in better utilization of feed inputs and a more predictable production yield.


Seamless scalability and adaptability to any production capacity and location, adjusting both the number of neonates per unit and the overall number of units delivered at a time.

Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) Optimization

FreezeM’s BSF strain, with its precise neonate counting and uniform larvae age and size, ensures improved Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) and other incremental production enhancements.

Best-In-Breed Solution

A head-to-head characteristics comparison between common outsourced BSF products and PauseM®’s ready-to-use neonates clearly demonstrates the delivered value of increased effectiveness and controlled production capacity.

Our Products

Three PauseM® product configurations are now available,
easily integrated into every rearing operation.


Each PauseM® unit contains 50,000 pre-counted, high-quality, ready-to-use, neonates.

Neonates are activated by unloading the unit contents onto a nursery tray, which is then flipped onto a rearing tray, simplifying and scaling the entire rearing process. No need for recounting or sieving until harvesting is required.

PauseM XL

Each unit contains 500,000 neonates, developed to overcome challenges with batch nursery or unconventional rearing trays/modules. PauseM XL significantly reduces the handling required during the nursing stage.

PauseM Direct

PauseM Direct contains 16,500 neonates per unit and is designed for small rearing facilities without the infrastructure to maintain a BSF breeding and nursery. The nursery phase is integrated into the PauseM Direct® package, streamlining the rearing process solely for the production of BSF-based protein.

Do you need a custom solution or have specific requirements?

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