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Production and Waste Management

FreezeM® boosts insect protein production by supplying high-performing,  life-cycle PAUSED Black Soldier Fly (BSF) neonates at scale, called PauseM®.

Innovation-Led Excellence

We revolutionize Black Soldier Fly (BSF) farming using state-of-the-art patented technologies. From cryopreserving genetic lines to generating life-cycle paused neonates, known as PauseM®, we’re redefining BSF farming efficiency. FreezeM’s pre-counted PauseM® units are shipped globally, enabling our customers to reach high-quality and consistent production. This breakthrough innovation significantly reduces operational costs and a remarkable boost in protein production, marking the dawn of a new era in large-scale, sustainable insect farming methods.

FreezeM’s Outsourced BSF Reproduction (Breeding) Solution

Today, BSF farms either conduct in-house breeding or outsource this process to daily supply providers, given that BSF neonates naturally hatch daily. PauseM® serves both those solely reliant on external BSF breeding providers and those adopting a hybrid approach, combining outsourced solutions with their in-house reproduction operations.

Higher Value Delivered

Simpler Processes

FreezeM enables separating BSF reproduction from rearing and processing, reducing unpredictability and operational risks. We eliminate the need for BSF breeding in each protein production facility.

Highly Effective Protein Production

Our PauseM® neonates are proven to have over 90% survival rate and faster growth, resulting in controlled production processes and, therefore, higher overall yield.

Seamlessly Scalable

The periodic supply of our PauseM® provides exceptional flexibility, allowing for swift adaptation to varying production scales worldwide.

Thanks to FreezeM’s innovative approach, we’ve experienced a quicker time-to-market for insect-based protein production.
FreezeM’s PauseM® product has been a game-changer for our farm. This breakthrough technology has resulted in high-performing larvae, enabling us to plan capacity and yield with precision.

Richard Small, Founder


It’s All About GROWTH

Improved Yield

The rapid growth of PauseM® neonates allows for more production cycles in a given rearing facility compared to in-house breeding. This increased efficiency leads to a 20% rise in production yields, directly contributing to an increase in revenue generation.

Lower Operating Costs

FreezeM’s outsourced breeding service is designed to cut production costs by eliminating the need to establish and maintain a dedicated breeding facility, whether wholly or partially. This cost reduction lowers capital expenses (Capex) and streamlines breeding inputs, resulting in greater consistency in operational expenses (Opex).

New Revenue Streams

PauseM® enables waste management companies to convert their bio-waste into protein using a risk-free process, facilitating seamless market entry and scaling. The process output is then incorporated into aquafeeds, pet food, agricultural fertilizers, and oleochemicals, promoting genuinely circular management of organic waste.

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